WARNING–scam alert

WARNING!! ROR Scam Alert!!

“Well if that’s not the biggest bag over the head, punch in the face I’ve ever got!”  –..Chevy Chase.. Christmas Vacation….

I think that’s a great line by ..Chevy Chase..… I can relate to that statement, too because I got hit by the biggest bunch of bull you’ve ever seen.  You may be reading because you noticed my name is dragged in the mud online.  Let me explain.  The posts made are the actions of a person using fake identities.   Sadly, in this day people still lie just as much online as they do in person.  In fact, it’s easier to lie online too.  So if you ever had a lie made on you, or met someone who had the audacity to lie to your face, then you know what I’m going through.



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One Response to “WARNING–scam alert”

  1. tydepavlinik Says:

    talk is cheap!!

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